Where to do after-works in Toulouse ?

After works are moments, activities, organized outside the company. 

After works allow us to discuss in a different way, out of work. Topics that we don’t necessarily have time to discuss during working hours. The context is more relaxed, perfect for professional and personal discussions!

In addition, it develops professional relationships between colleagues, and allows us to be in contact with those with people we do not normally talk to. 

So where can you go for afterwork in Toulouse or the surroundings? 

Château de la Garrigue : 

Located in Villemur-sur-Tarn, 30min from the Pink City, you will discover an idyllic setting for a special moment, in a quiet place. The site is open every Thursday, with a swimming pool in the shape of a violin and an auditorium inspired by a piano.  This large park with trees and flowers is an ideal place for a gourmet and festive afterwork. The opportunity to taste tapas and dishes from the chef! A live concert by local artists will brighten the evening!

Goguette et Cie : 

In Cornebarrieu, the Goguette et Compagnie concept is inspired by the popular French parties of the 1800s, where men and women used to meet to share good times and pleasures. You will find large tables, cocktails and music! 

Un été à la campagne : 

Halfway between Toulouse and Montauban, in the heart of Fronton, the Guinguette “Un été à la Campagne” has a setting in the middle of nature, next to the historic domain of the Maison des Vins de Fronton. Enjoy a moment of rest and exchange with family and friends, with local products, home-made dishes according to the Chef’s inspiration, gourmet desserts and various cocktails. And of course, a selection of Frontonnais wines! 

For a 100% south-western experience!

Here are a few selections of places but there are obviously many others! To be discovered!

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