Where go hiking near Toulouse ?

If we love the city, we love the mountains even more!

It is well known that walking keeps the body and mind healthy and protects against some diseases. The mountain environment even amplifies certain effects! 

When we walk, we calm our tensions, we are more relaxed, and our negative thoughts disappear. Did you know that 5.5 million French people regularly walk on paths and tracks?

So, do you also want to take a deep breath of fresh air and get away from it all? Whether it’s an expedition with family, friends or alone, this experience will be great for you!

Here are a few sites that I particularly recommend:

Les Esclozes: 2h30 from Toulouse, this is the perfect place for the whole family. You can discover the valley of Campan, but also the huts where the shepherds and the owners of sheep lived during the beautiful season. Walk in a green landscape, in the middle of peaceful flocks. Afterwards, take a break and refresh your feet in the nearby stream and discover the Leytès: a stone next to the river where water flows. Take advantage of the picnic area and the barbecue available.

Gavarnie: Looking for an exceptional walk in the mountains? I suggest you go to the Cirque de Gavarnie, a jewel classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO. This immense glacial cirque of 14 kilometres in circumference has vertiginous walls climbing to more than 1700 metres. During your hike in the Pyrenees, you will be able to contemplate the highest waterfall in France and its 432 meters height. 

Lac de la Ramée: An easy hike, appreciated by young and old and for good reason: its leisure centre allows you to swim in July and August only. Many activities are organised there: kayaking, rollerblading, golf, model making, fishing… 

After the exercise, you can also have a picnic on site. The Lac de la Ramée is a nice relaxing walk, easy to reach from the Ville Rose.

So grab your rucksack and walking shoes to discover these unique landscapes !

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