Toulouse’s celebrities

It is well known that Toulouse is the most beautiful city of France 😉

But that’s not all, the pink city has seen the birth of beautiful personalities, known to all! 

Through the centuries, these people have been able to highlight our city with their talent. ✨

So let me introduce some of them to you:

Claude Nougaro 

A singer-songwriter and poet from Toulouse, this artist was a big fan of jazz, Latin and African music. In 1952, he decided to sing his own lyrics.

These songs immediately made him known to the general public, although he had already begun to perform at Dalida‘s concerts. In Toulouse, he is also known for his famous song Ô Toulouse : a way for him to honour his native city.

This artist even has his own metro station on line B of the Toulouse metro. Located in the Minimes district, it refers to the area where he grew up.

Bigflo and Oli

A French rap group from Toulouse. The duo is composed of two brothers Florian “Bigflo” and Olivio “Oli”. 

Their songs combine a popular music style with a writing style far from the clichés of the rappers we know. 

Despite their success, they keep their feet on the ground, so important! They are also in love with the pink city that they even put in some of their videos. The most recent one is Sacré Bordel, you can see the beautiful Place du Capitole!

Hugo Gaston

Toulouse’s influence is also seen on the court! Hugo Gaston, 22, is a professional tennis player since 2018. In January 2020, he participated for the first time in the main draw of the Grand Slam by obtaining an invitation to the Australian Open, where he lost in the first round. 

This year, the sportsman participated in the famous Roland Garros tournament, he is ranked 67th in the world in men’s tennis. All behind Hugo! 

I hope that thanks to this article, you know more about our Toulouse talent. Of course, there are many others! 

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