For a student stay in Toulouse

As the french proverb says, in May, do what you like!

Living in Toulouse means enjoying a great student life. I can assure you that there is no lack of activities here.

Toulouse is also a city where people like to live outside and share moments of conviviality, day and night ! 

So here are the places you should know if you are a student (or not!):

To start, I suggest you go to Pêch David, a hill overlooking the city. The best time is at the end of the day to enjoy an exceptional sunset with a view on Toulouse and the Garonne. Many walking paths have been created for easy access and it is possible to picnic on site.

Then, the unavoidable Place Saint Pierre where several bars are located, opposite the banks of the Garonne. Students and young professionals go there to have a few drinks or to party. Perfect for a memorable evening in the city centre.

After that, I advise you to go inside the capitol. A nice and free activity that many people ignore. You will admire the Salle des Illustres, its walls retrace the history of the Pink City. Moreover, it is also a wedding hall.

Why not have a sporting break? Enjoy a unique experience by attending a rugby match at the famous Ernest Wallon Stadium. The opportunity to see the Stade Toulousain, the most titled team in France!

Without forgetting the Ma Biche sur le toit restaurant located on the roof of Galeries Lafayette. You will enjoy an exclusive view of the city. For lunch, snack or dinner, this is THE spot to visit. Moreover, this restaurant has a certain reputation: it is the restaurant of the chef Michel Sarran! Very nice to party and have memorable parties.

So next time, you won’t say you didn’t know… 😇

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