Outdoors activities in Toulouse

Spring means that sunny days are back.

To complete your weekends, I propose to you a list of activities that I have tested and approved ! 

Toulouse has more than 600 kms of cycle paths. To visit the city while practicing a sporting activity, cycling is an excellent idea. You can admire the city in all its forms by cycling through the pretty streets of Toulouse. 

And if you’re more of a nature lover, the banks of the Garonne, the Garonne Canal and the Canal du Midi are great places to go. This is an opportunity to see another aspect of the city, a greener one!

Then, how about an excursion on the Toulouse boats? An unique visit of the Pink City, to discover the must-see places. From March to June, the cruises are mainly on the Canal du Midi and from July to October on the Garonne and the Canal de Brienne. While sailing on this river rich in history, you will have a breathtaking view of the Dôme de la Grave and the Pont Neuf. My advice is to enjoy this walk at the end of the day, during the sunset. Because yes, Toulouse is also about amazing sunsets !

Finally, it is possible to benefit from the beautiful weather in Toulouse while having a good time with friends or family over a drink. 

Toulouse is full of several guinguettes, atypical places whose opening rhymes with the comeback of good days and wild nights. 

Depending on what you want to do, there are several choices for you :

  • Le Poney Club : a green area with food trucks, tapas, bowling and games. And don’t forget the DJs for dancing nights on Fridays and Saturdays!
  • La Guinguette de Chouchou, located next to the Garonne River, in front of the Prairie des Filtres. It is the ideal spot for a relaxing moment, between bricks, river and green spaces.
  • Les Pêcheurs de sable : on the other side of the Pont-Neuf, for your group or family evenings. With local products, visitors can enjoy snacks, brunches, vegan or gluten-free meals and musical ambiance in the evening.
  • Le Canaille Club, a restaurant that will charm you with its colorful garlands. Open every evening from Monday to Sunday, this place offers eight kiosks dedicated to food, cocktails, wine or even 100% Toulouse beers. The little extra is the “open-air cinema” corner which delights lovers of the 7th art.

One thing is certain, you won’t be bored here ! 🤩

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