Today, I’m delighted to write a sportive article and more precisely about rugby. Rugby in Toulouse is more than a sport ! 

Being native of the region, I am particularly sensitive to rugby, its values and all the excitement around the games. But be careful … I have my favorite team ! 

More than a tradition, loving rugby is like a religion here. National capital of rugby, you can find in Toulouse rugby schools, a mythic team and the legendary stadium Ernest Wallon.

Le Stade Toulousain, it is how we call the city’s club, created in 1907.  

The team becomes very quickly French champion and the sport knows a huge success in the Pink City.

The jersey’s colors, such an identity 

This may surprise you but it’s quite a story. First of all, the Toulouse players play in red and black in reference to the Capitouls, old municipal councillors of the city. These “mayors” were indeed dressed in red and black robes. Then, because the counts of Toulouse, way before the Capitouls wore red. The black was also on the priests of Saint-Sernin

Finally, it seems that this choice of colors is also at the initiative of the students practicing rugby. Indeed, at the end of the 19th century, different clubs were created in Toulouse, including SOET (Toulouse Student Olympic Stadium), the Toulouse Athletic Sport and the Sports Union of the Veterinary School. And all these clubs joined together gives the Stade Toulousain ! 

Today, the Stade Toulousain team has several trophies to its credit : 21 French championship titles, 5 European cups and many others. It is the most titled club in France. And we, Toulouse residents, are proud of it. 

A nice proof that Toulouse also shines on the field ✨

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