Toulouse’s expressions

I’m pleased to write you a little article about Toulouse expressions. Coming from the north of France, I can assure you that already the southern accent is complicated for me to understand but then, your expressions… I still can’t get used to them! Finally, I confess, pocket is in my vocabulary 🥴 Concerning the use of the word “chocolatine” I prefer not to say, for fear of being disinherited by my family ! 

Here are some expressions and their explanations, hang on! 😂

I’m not going to fart all the way to Paris to see her !

“Fart” means “to go somewhere” but with a somewhat negative connotation. 

Drive slower, you’ll end up in the bartas !

Without even knowing this word, it is quite easy to guess. Several synonyms can replace it, such as “ditch” or “roadside”. 

Be careful, the little one is going to run away !

Oula, this verb, even Word doesn’t know it!  Understand in this sentence: “Be careful, the kid will choke”. It is often used at the time of the aperitif, when one eats peanuts for example…

I have stinking fingers

I don’t know about you, but at first I thought it meant “I have stinking fingers” … but no! Not at all! It means they stick. And what’s also crazy is that this word can be declined as “The table is all stinky”. 

It’s the best thing about the Garonne

So honestly, I was using this phrase long before I lived in Toulouse, and yeah! No need to explain it to you I guess. 

Put your stuff in the trunk

And no, the trunk here is not a suitcase, but a car boot. They’re weird, aren’t they? I know, I know… 

I’ve got the kitty, we’ll see tomorrow

Nothing to do with le cagnard which refers to a place very exposed to the sun, like the one you can find in Toulouse. Here, the expression “avoir la cagne” means being lazy, not wanting to do it, in short, a recurrent phrase among us young people! 

You’re not finished with your redneck life yet !

This very strange word is synonymous with grumbling, grumbling, grumbling… A verb that actually suits me quite well! I also think it’s a much nicer word to pronounce, especially if you add the famous southern “putaing” at the end of the sentence…

A few more years and I’ll get used to your vocabulary! Can’t wait to become, a true product of the south 🤪

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