What to do in Toulouse when it’s cold ?

Toulouse is a beautiful city with many places to visit, parks to walk in, and the quays of the Garonne to picnic on. Oh yes, Toulouse is a city in the South West where the weather is often fine, the sun generally shines and the heat is present several times a year. However, like everywhere else in France, winter is also a period that is felt in Toulouse. The cold air prevents us from doing many outdoor activities, but Toulouse is full of ideas to keep its inhabitants warm or at least indoors. 

Toulouse has museums

There are also indoor leisure facilities such as the Casino Barrière de Toulouse, the opera house, various cinema centres, bowling, karting, paintball, climbing, laser game, escape game, trampoline park… 

Bars, restaurants and discos are also numerous in Toulouse and can help you pass the time in a rather pleasant way. 

You can also relax in the wellness and spa centers in Toulouse, in the sports complexes, swimming pools, places to do pilates, yoga, gym and all sorts of fitness activities… 

For more information, you can go to the website dedicated to tourism in Toulouse. 

As for shopping, Toulouse has several shops and shopping centres

  • Espace Saint-Georges
  • Espace Gramont
  • Centre Commercial Purpan
  • Centre Commercial Reflets Compans
  • Galeries Lafayette Toulouse
  • Centre Commercial Les Maourines

In addition, Toulouse has many historical and religious monuments to visit but in this case I can’t guarantee the warmth of the place! So maybe wait for the warmer weather, I’ll write another article on what to do in Toulouse when the weather is good. 

See you soon… 

The place to be in Toulouse is the Christmas market at the Capitol. You will have several food truck, wooden hut shops. You can enjoy a pleasant time with your family and friends. And maybe, you will find the perfect gift for your lover. For more information, please read my last article

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