Le gouffre de l’Oeil doux

A nature break is necessary ? Looking for an escape this summer?

Then head for an extraordinary place in Occitania, Le Gouffre de L’œil doux, an oasis that attracts many visitors, in the heart of the Clape mountains between Saint-Pierre-la-Mer and Fleury d’Aude, in the Narbonnaise Regional Natural Park. You can take a short walk from the parking lot or a 3-hour hike from Saint Pierre la Mer.

The abyss is a cenote whose upper wall collapsed during the Tertiary era. The massif of La Clape being limestone, water has been rushing in for thousands of years to create a network of tunnels. The water of the sea infiltrates by this fault, which makes its water brackish.

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Walking in this magnificent environment you can enjoy this emerald colored water mirror, a geological curiosity that makes a mysterious and singular place, a limestone hemicycle that closes on a wall of cliffs, in short: a paradise for walkers and landscape lovers.

The legend of the sweet 

The legend of the sweet eye tells that in the past several boats would have tried to enter the cave of the chasm in order to determine the place where the sweet eye is drawn from the sea, but none of the boats that left never returned.

You will have to be careful because the path around the cliffs and the one accessing the lake shore are not secured.

Swimming in the chasm and diving from the cliff are forbidden for safety reasons, but the beach of St Pierre la Mer is not far!  That’s where you can swim and what better way than to go to the beach with Voyages Duclos if you feel like it and forget about the traffic constraints. 

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