Toulouse youtubers to follow

You too get lost for hours on Youtube? Do you also watch videos of youtubers from all over the world? Then you are apt to discover the Toulouse youtubers to follow!

Tibo Inshape

This Toulouse native is one of the most influential people in the world of Youtube France. He has more than 7 million subscribers. Initially, his videos were focused on weight training and nutritional advice to adopt in the sports world. However, Tibo Inshape is diversifying and offers videos discovering professions as popular as they are little known, from the police to the profession of thanatopractor. He makes the discovery of these different professions and puts himself in total immersion in the universe of each profession. Also, his youtube channel is full of fun videos with a follow-up of his life as a couple and all kinds of challenges.

Manon Bril

This youtuber of Haute-Garonne is a historian by profession. She loves history and wishes to share her knowledge with her audience. That’s why her youtube channel was created: It’s another story. Her history videos offer different themes. Notably, animated episodes on historical subjects that everyone could know such as the history of beer or the story of Oedipus. Also, she offers a series of videos on the description of famous paintings, to learn more about the masterpieces of the world. Finally, Manon Bril posts videos on anecdotes from several cities and especially on Toulouse!


Youtuber since 2013, LeaChoue creates videos around the advice. These are videos on all subjects considered taboo by the society. In other words, the youtuber deals with sexuality, the act of first time, suicidal urges, grief, homosexuality etc.. Its videos allow it to tackle subjects that nobody else addresses. She offers to her subscribers the feeling of a neutral person on these themes in order to better understand them. She is very close to her community and her advice videos allow her to help many people. She is one of the youtubers in Toulouse to follow imperatively!


Now you know the famous pearls of Toulouse and you can have a look at their chain. If you’re on the lookout for news about Toulouse, we invite you to read our article on the new artists of the pink city.

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