The best beach games

The beautiful pink city is located not far from the beach, both on the Atlantic side and on the Mediterranean side. In a few hours by car you will find yourself with your feet in the water enjoying the sun and relaxing. Only, during the whole day it will be necessary to occupy you. Sunbathing without doing anything becomes at some point tiring for some people. 

So don’t panic, we are here to give you our best beach games to spend an unforgettable day.

Plastified card decks 

Do you love to play cards? Choose the plastified versions to play in complete peace of mind without fear of getting the cards wet! There are many versions available. The Dobble Beach allows you to play 5 mini-games with a single deck of cards, enough to keep you busy for a long time! Otherwise you still have the classic card game for battles or presidents in the sun.

Ball games

Take a fairly light ball and let’s go for countless games to practice! You can play volleyball in the water as well as on the sand, you can also try to play soccer or even dodgeball. The ball games are internationally known, just start a game and you can make new friends!

Games with the sand

Don’t feel like spending money on accessories? Don’t worry, the beach is the perfect place to have fun without spending money. You can play Hangman by finding a stick in the sand and creating a ” sheet ” on the wet sand. You can also go for a “drawing is won” by letting your friends discover the drawing of your choice! Finally, you can make contests of who will create the deepest hole in 10 minutes, or who will make the highest sand tower.

All these ideas made you want to go to the seaside and put your feet in the sand? Direction the beach buses of Duclos Voyages which will transport you for wonderful beach days and allow you to try all the listed beach games! 

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