Toulouse artists of the moment

The beautiful pink city is full of artists and new talents. Do you think that during this period of health crisis singers and musicians do nothing? Make no mistake, they are working, and working hard to release new songs. We invite you to discover these Toulouse artists of the moment.


This young man from Toulouse released a successful album in 2018, rather eclectic, called “Îl”.  It offers timeless melodies mixed with dizzying rhythms. For many months he has been working on a second album. Soon you will be able to listen again to his melancholic deep voice. He said on social networks that the first tracks should be out soon! So get ready.


Slim Paul

This Toulouse native was inspired by the great masters of the blues and America in the 1930s, from which his name comes. His bluesy voice and his swinging melodies are what sticks to this bluesman. He recently released his new album “Good for you”. It’s a mix of classical blues and Gospel that leaves no one indifferent. He is one of the Toulouse artists of the moment not to be missed!

Longueur d’Ondes


This pop group from Toulouse offers music with acrobatic sounds that are embedded in pop sounds. Unpublished as a band name no? It comes from the singer’s totem animal, because “you never know how to approach him because he is neither bad nor nice”, he explains. The band has just released a brand new track called “Perdu d’avance”, this track comes as a preview of the new album which will be released on March 12th!

Opus musiques

Now you don’t have any excuse for Toulouse music, you know which songs to listen to! From pop to blues, Toulouse artists are full of talent. If, in addition to music, you like to read books by authors, we recommend you to read our article on the best writers from Toulouse.

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