The best writers from Toulouse

You like to read, but you don’t know which author to choose? Don’t panic, we are here to help you. We have so many books to offer in Toulouse, with the best writers from Toulouse. So take notes!

Jean-Paul Dubois, All men do not inhabit the world in the same way

Jean-Paul Dubois is a native of Toulouse. He has never left his hometown. He was a journalist for Le Nouvel Observateur before becoming a writer of about fifteen novels.

Most of his novels are set on the North American continent. For several years now, this author from Toulouse has been successful. We let you read the back cover of his latest novel which was awarded the Prix Goncourt 2019, All men do not inhabit the world in the same way.


“Paul Hansen has been serving his sentence in Montreal’s provincial prison for the past two years. He shares a cell with Horton, a Hells Angel incarcerated for murder. Hansen is superintendent at L’Excelsior, a residence where he deploys his talents as concierge, guard, factotum, and – even more so – as soul repairer and consoler of the afflicted. When he is not busy helping the inhabitants of L’Excelsior or maintaining the buildings, he joins Winona, his companion. At the controls of his airplane, she takes him in the sky, above the clouds. But soon everything changes. A new manager arrives at L’Excelsior, conflicts break out. And the inevitable happens. A church silted up in the dunes of a beach, an open-air asbestos mine, the meanders of a silver-colored river, the sound waves of an organ make up the varied landscapes where this novel takes place. Story of a lifetime, All men do not inhabit the world in the same way is one of the most beautiful books by Jean-Paul Dubois. One discovers a writer who animates a strong sense of fraternity and a feeling of revolt towards all forms of injustice”.

Benoît Séverac, 115

Benoît Séverac has been from Toulouse since the age of 18. Before becoming a writer, he has worked as an actor, agricultural seasonal worker, ewe shepherd, salesman of regional products, judo teacher, photographer and many others. He has had a full life and has a fairly open mind with different points of view. His novel style is rather dark and intriguing. We let you read the back cover of one of his successful novels 115, he won the Prix des Bibliothèques et Médiathèques du Grand Cognac.


“Cold snap in Toulouse. Refrigerated under her bullet-proof vest, Nathalie Decrest is waiting for the assault. Searching a gypsy camp is never a pleasure. The only good thing about it: having requisitioned (against her will) the services of Sergine Hollard, the veterinarian. The hostility between the woman who takes care of homeless dogs at her own expense and the guarantor of public order is palpable. Their faith in humanity, their unfailing commitment should bring them together – their methods separate them, on the contrary. The tragedies they are about to discover will demand that the two women finally join forces…”

Yves Lignon, Petit guide scientifique du voyageur au pays du paranormal

Yves Lignon is a lecturer and real scientist by profession. He is the founder of the Parapsychology Laboratory of Toulouse, as well as the publication director of the Revue française de parapsychologie. This author is interested in paranormal phenomena and has investigated several paranormal cases. Notably, stories of roadside apparitions of the white lady. He then wrote works concerning this great field of belief: the paranormal. His latest work: Petit guide du voyageur au pays du paranormal. This guide lists all the paranormal phenomena that we may encounter and all the questions they raise. We invite you to read its back cover.


“Welcome to the land of the paranormal, where mystery and enigmas are mixed together! Extrasensory perceptions (clairvoyance, mediumnity, telepathy, premonitions…), synchronicity, dowsing, animal magnetism, spiritism, ghosts and ectoplasms, haunted houses, poltergeists or joking spirits, transcommunication, alchemy, astrology, Marian apparitions, near-death experiences, reincarnation… so many strange phenomena and practices are presented here and analyzed. For the first time, the world of the paranormal is examined by science with the aim of understanding and not rejecting. For forty years, Yves Lignon has been working to ensure that the paranormal is finally taken seriously in France. He dissects, dissects, examines, and studies each fact that appears “irrational” at first glance in order to at least grasp its meaning, if not its explanation. For those of you who have lived through a singular experience or, on the contrary, who reject these things, this book will bring you answers in the first case and questions in the second. Have a nice trip…”

We hope that this has given you ideas for 100% Toulouse readings. If you’re more of a film buff, we suggest you go read our article on the films shot in Toulouse, to have a little cinema session!

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