The best places to take your profile picture in Toulouse

We all want to have a beautiful background for our profile pictures, on FaceBook, Instagram and even LinkedIn. The background gives us a better quality photo and makes us look better, it’s a huge advantage you can see! Toulouse is full of nice places to take your profile picture, we will give you our best places.

For a classic Toulouse profile picture :

  • The banks of the Garonne: it is a sure value to be illuminated by the reflection of the sun in the water.
  • The Pont neuf: on the bridge you can get some height and you can overlook the pink city!
  • The Place du Capitole: the central square of Toulouse will allow you to have space and depth on your picture.

For a green profile photo :

  • The jardin du grand rond : it is very well maintained and will offer you a rather pleasant touch of vegetalization.
  • The royal garden: perfect if you want to be in the shade of one of these hundred-year-old cedars! 
  • The jardin des plantes: here you can choose to be on a stone bridge in the middle of nature, a real asset to show your vegetal side.

For an original profile picture :

  • The jardin japonais: everyone will think that you’ve gone to Japan, when no, you’re simply at Compans Caffarelli.
  • Ma biche sur le toît: a 360° panorama is waiting for you on the terrace, an impressive background for your profile, which will make you dream of it more than one.
  • Aboard the barge of la maison de la violette: a photo on the water always gives an air of travel, even more so if it is surrounded by the Toulouse violet.

We hope that you will be successful in taking your best pictures in these beautiful places in Toulouse. If you want to learn more about Toulouse, we propose to you an article on unusual anecdotes about our pretty pink city. 

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