Film shot in Toulouse, which one to choose?

We are all in adoration in front of our pink city. But, did you know that we are not the only ones? Indeed, directors and filmmakers have chosen Toulouse as their city of preference to shoot their film. We’ll give you the most famous of them, so you can choose one of these films for a film session.

Ma saison préférée

Duration: 2h07 Release date: 1993

This film shot in Toulouse is one of the best known and one of the classics of French cinema. This film directed by André Téchiné features Catherine Deneuve and Daniel Auteuil in a dramatic film following the trials and tribulations of a family unlike any other.

What we like to see of Toulouse in the film: the Quai des Tournis, the restaurant “La Plage” in Venerque and the hospice in Muret.


3 amis

Duration: 1h33 Release date: 2007

This comedy genre film, directed by Michel Boujenah, was shot in Toulouse. It is a film about the friendship between a trio of renowned actors: Mathilde Seigner, Kad Merad and Pascal Elbé. The film deals with friendship relationships, the limits and joys of a friendly relationship, a film to watch without any headache!

What we like to see of Toulouse in the film: The Pont Neuf, the Canal du Midi and the Place Saint-Etienne.


Les derniers jours du monde

Duration: 2h10 Release date: 2009

In this dramatic and completely crazy comedy film, the capital of France is Toulouse, a rather comical situation. It’s the end of the world, and we follow the adventures of Robinson who embarks on a love affair despite the situation. Catherine Frot and Mathieu Almaric share the poster for this film directed by Jean-Marie Larrieu and Arnaud Larrieu.

What we like to see of Toulouse in the film: The Place du Capitole, the Prairie des Filtres, the Rue Alsace-Lorraine and the Matabiau train station.

fan de cinema


Duration: 2h09 Release date: 2005

This film directed by Dominik Moll features Charlotte Gainsbourg and André Dussolier in a singular scenario. A couple with a tidy life sees their daily life turned upside down by moving to the heights of Toulouse. Unusual events await them with rather dramatic situations. 

What we like to see of Toulouse in the film: the suburbs of Toulouse, the hill of Pech-David.


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