Where to taste the best hot chocolates, waffles and churros in Toulouse?

In this winter period nothing like a hot chocolate accompanied by good churros to warm up!

We have selected the best addresses in Toulouse so that you can take a gourmet break while strolling through our pretty alleyways.

We have selected the best addresses in Toulouse so that you can take a gourmet break while strolling through our pretty alleyways.

Several addresses are a must.

Flower’s Café at Roger Salengro Place

Exhausted from your shopping day? Make a stop to warm up!
We advise you to order thick and quite sweet hot chocolate, a real treat for the taste buds.

With this one you will have eaten and drunk! That’s the advantage.

For the less courageous, you will find the liquid chocolate which is also to be tasted without delay.

Feel like spicing up the snack? Choose hot chocolate with banana, cinnamon or orange blossom! Your taste buds will thank you!

To take away of course given the current situation!

At Bapz

Essential address if you want to taste one of the best hot chocolates!

With an Anglo-Saxon atmosphere, you will love the mismatched armchairs and sofas in which you can curl up while enjoying the famous hot chocolate and some homemade pastries sublimely presented in the window. 

You will crack for sure!

In the mood for churros? See you at Chuchu, Place Wilson!

Believe us, just by the smell alone, it’s impossible to miss the place!

Come to discover THE temple of the churros. Whether sweet or salty, you will find the delicacy that will delight your palate.

Churros with duck breast, lot of mini churros with chocolate sauce to share with friends or colleagues, don’t hesitate and crack, we won’t hold it against you!

Fancy some waffles?

At la Belle Liégeoise

Just the name alone makes us want to taste a waffle!

You can then choose among the 3 available pastes: the classic, the frangipane or the cinnamon one….

I already feel like stopping there and testing this frangipane!

Avouez que vous êtes déjà sur leur site à la recherche d’une Belle Liégeoise proche de chez vous !

Admit that you are already on their site looking for a Belle Liégeoise near you!

Did this article make your mouth water? We are delighted!

We look forward to seeing you every week on our blog for more colorful articles!

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