Our recipes for recovering from holiday excesses !

We love the holiday season! It’s an opportunity to get together with family and friends and celebrate the past year and the year to come. It’s also a chance to get together over a hearty meal. Foie gras, salmon, stuffed turkey, aperitif, alcohol… We often eat them only at the holidays, but generally at the moment, we do not deprive ourselves of them! 

We see you coming! Parties are cool, but the day after, a little less. So you’ve had a little too much this year? We’re here to share with you our recipes to get over the holiday excesses! 

We will first start with the most basic tips, but they are always good to remember.  

> Good hydration is important. In the cupboard the bottles of champagne, gin or whisky and hello our friend water. 

It is very important to hydrate your body. This will allow it to regenerate itself, but also the water will fill your belly and therefore you will eat less. 

> Resume a balanced diet.  Even if we enjoy our meals, on the long run, our liver would not support it. So it’s time to resume a good diet. For that, fruits and vegetables are your friends. After a few days, you can also reintegrate proteins and then a few more days after starchy foods. This is a tip to detoxify your body and return to a normal diet in no time.

Above all, don’t go overboard with a too strict diet, it will only harm your body. A rebalancing yes! But gently! 

> A healthy lifestyle is essential! Dancing until the end of the night is not a real physical activity. Taking up sport again is a good way to eliminate the excesses ingested during the holidays. Cycling, walking, running, swimming … Practice the sport you like, but above all get moving! 

Likewise, resume normal life schedules. A healthy lifestyle also includes sleep. Then a small herbal tea and in bed at 22h max to be in shape the following days. 

Now it’s time for grandma’s remedies. Have you really gone overboard? Here are a few tips that could help you feel better in no time.

> Vegetable charcoal. It’s the ultimate remedy for bloating. It helps absorb gases and traps potentially pathogenic toxins and bacteria. Food and a flat stomach are ours!

Caution: 2 capsules maximum per day and outside of meals and medication. Avoid for children and pregnant women.

> Peppermint essential oil

The best of the best ! Digestive problems or a drunken night out? This is the essential oil you need. It calms migraines, can reboost in case of fatigue, help during difficult digestion or relieve nausea. You will find many different methods to use it on the internet.

> Baking soda. Yes, it may sound weird, but it will help you with heartburn. It neutralizes the excess acid in the stomach by forcing it to improve digestion. 
Pst! Good point, it also helps against bad breath and bad smells. No more alcohol smell when you wake up. 
Warning: if you suffer from high blood pressure or water retention this remedy is not for you.

> Clay
Intestinal discomfort or cramps? There is nothing better than mineral-rich clay to stop diarrhea and soothe bloating.
Carry out a cure of about ten days by diluting a teaspoon of clay in a glass of water with a lemon juice. 
Caution: in case of kidney failure, do not use this remedy.

For the more courageous one, you can also recover from its holiday excesses by cooking good little detox dishes that are good for the body and that will rebalance your diet!

  • A detox broth with green vegetables 

Voir la recette

  • A lemon and peppermint detox water

Voir la recette

  • A Cabbage Detox Juice  

Voir la recette

  • A winter detox salad 

Voir la recette


You now have all the cards in hand to make your after party go smoothly. No more naps for a week on the couch after Christmas or New Year’s Eve because you have a stomachache. You now know all the recipes to get over holiday excesses in no time !

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