Résolutions 2021

Ah who has never taken any and who doesn’t plan to take any?!

Here is a small non-exhaustive list of the resolutions of the members of our team, we had to take an example from someone !

  • Register at the gym

We see you coming, you have had this same resolution for 5 years now …

In the end, you always come home in the evening to do the children’s homework, prepare dinner and tuper for the next day before finally checking appointments and meetings scheduled for the next day.

It’s already 10 pm, time to get out the carpet, the dumbbells and the sweatband!

You can see that motivation is not there and who can blame you?

Taking care of children is one of the most beautiful daily sports so let’s let it go this time!

  • Quit smoking 

Ouch, the painful … but not for the wallet!

Just for this , it’s worth making an effort and at least reducing your consumption every day, a small step for you but a big one for your lungs and those around you!

You think you can’t do it alone? Don’t worry, motivate some of your friends or download the application that will allow you to see the savings made, the minutes of life recovered.

  • Give yourself more time

Easy to say in our lives that are marching at 1,000 per hour …

If you go to work by car or public transport, don’t hesitate to listen to a podcast on sports, music, arts or travel, I also advise you to have a look on the blog of Booccinell

  • make photo albums of your family life

We are sure that you have thousands of photos stored on your computer.

Children’s birthdays, end of year parties with the family, barbecue days with friends and so on!

Take the time to select some to make an album, either dedicated to the events in question or to the year.

Your loved ones will be delighted to see it when you welcome them into your home and it will be a time to bring the whole family together to reminisce. Emotions session guaranteed!

  • Culinary excesses … Eating has never done any harm!

We are all in the same situation, and we all want to lose belly, thighs, earlobes …

Let’s not forget that we have to enjoy ourselves and not feel guilty for the extra pounds!

So if you are from Toulouse like us, you won’t mind tasting every morning a good chocolatine, a cassoulet from Chez Emile or some violet sweets from la Maison de la Violette located on the Canal du Midi in the famous barge.

And if you feel guilty about it, you’ll probably find a gym around the corner or an online coach to help you tailor your sessions!

  • Make your own food or even a culinary workshop

Let’s face it, this past year has allowed us to innovate. All these days of confinement we will have pushed to consume local and to learn how to cook.

And what a satisfaction to see our little family around the table enjoying the good little dishes concocted during this gloomy period.

Keep this good habit (Cyril Lignac will help you with the 3 volumes of his famous show broadcasted live during the first confinement “Tous en Cuisine”)

  • Call your loved ones 

It makes sense to keep in touch with one’s loved ones, especially this year …

So take a few minutes to check in and check out, you’ll see, it will do you a world of good!

Also use visio for people you can’t see easily or who live in other countries.

  • Giving your time in an association or in a cooperative supermarket  

Very much in vogue for several years now, volunteering will be to your credit.

Choose an association of your choice to help the most destitute or sick people in hospital for example.

You will also have the opportunity to choose a cooperative supermarket which, if you wish to buy products, will ask for your time during the week.

Another idea, don’t hesitate to join the groups that clean the beaches, collect cigarette butts in town and fight against pollution.

Go it’s time for you to write down your good resolutions on your 2021 agenda and don’t forget to keep them !

We will come back to you next year to make a point!

In the meantime, we wish you a happy new year 2021 ! Health, happiness and prosperity

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