Christmas films to watch during this Advent period

The season is officially open to watch the mythical, I would say almost obligatory, Christmas movies. But what to watch? So to avoid spending more time searching for a film idea, here is our selection of Christmas films to watch during this Advent period ! 

Get your computers, televisions and telephones ready to have a good time !

For older ones :

  • Love Actually :

Unbelievable casting for this must-see Christmas film that can only make your mouth water ! Follow the destiny of these unfortunate lovebirds, who will meet a person who will change everything, who will take them out of their everyday life ! With the bonus of a story set in a Christmas decor ! 

Love can knock on your door at any time, so lock it because burglars shouldn’t be tempted either. But if in doubt, install a Judas just in case, to keep a lookout in complete peace of mind !

  • Last Christmas :

A film whose title is inspired by one of Wham’s greatest classics can only be right in this list ! Meet Kate, a young woman who drags behind her a long series of bad decisions and who is a little lost in her life – we’re not going to lie to each other ! On her way, she meets Tom, who will bring her some clarity about her situation and above all help her find her goal. We don’t want to spoil but keep a little box of tissues next to you, we say that we don’t say anything !

  • Sissi :

So the film is not set at Christmas, but it is advisable to watch it several times because it’s such a treat! But at this time of year, there is nothing better than curling up under a plaid to watch a beautiful love story in a royal setting !  

It is the story of Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria “Sissi” and how she is going to meet the man who will fall madly in love with her and change her life ! Song about beer, enchanting forest, sick ball dresses, prince and love ! I don’t need to say any more ! 

A Romy Schneider of an unreal beauty with Rapunzel-like hair that allows her to do hairstyles impossible to reproduce in a tutorial ! 

Icing on the cake, a declaration of love that still makes us shiver:

 “I wish she had your eyes… your hair… your mouth… your smile… I wish she looked like you… (…) I think you’re even prettier… I’d choose you if I were free.”

– Frantz


  • Bridget Jones (1-2-3) : 

Follow the amorous setbacks in parts 1 and 2 of this relationship klutz, a skilled goofball, infinitely human and in love with love ! A heroine in the end who looks like all of us (long live her for having normalized the shaping panties) ! On the male programme a charming and irresistible Hugh Grant and a Colin Firth, introverted but the most perfect of gentlemen ! 

In the dustbin the complexes, in the hole the fine lingerie, and long live the Christmas jumpers !

If you choose the third opus in the series, discover a professionally accomplished Bridget who gets pregnant.Follow once again the adventures of our heroine, and above all ask yourself the whole film: But who is the father?  The handsome American (played by the matador of love, Patrick Dempsey) or the incomparable English (Mister Sexy but he doesn’t know it, Colin Firth himself)?

Bumbles, love, Christmas, Céline at the radio, a glass of wine, that’s it for me. 

  • The Holiday :

Personally, the undisputed favourite of Christmas movies ! Discover Amanda, an American #girlboss par excellence, who has just been dumped by her debectable fiancé and wants to run away from her life to take stock of things ! On the other side of the ocean, Iris, a young English girl experiences the end of a noxious “love affair” with a narcissist who loves only himself and is a womanizer. Both of them, disappointed by love and wanting to take a break, decide, on a whim, to exchange their house for the holidays, just to change their daily life. New encounters will change the course of their lives. Friendship, love and passion will punctuate the film, with nothing to spoil a magical Advent setting !  Here again a dream cast and a film that will probably become your new Christmas tradition ! 

For the little ones or with the family : 

  • Frozen (1 et 2) : 

1st opus: Elsa, queen of Arendelle, plunged her kingdom into an eternal winter, before fleeing to the mountains. Anna, her younger sister, sets off in pursuit with the help of a stonemason and her best friend, a reindeer, the loyal Sven. They will meet all sorts of magical creatures and discover that the bad guys are not always the ones you might suspect. A real breath of fresh air on a story level, the heroes are heroines, and the heart of the story is the love of two sisters – a subject that is not often covered ! 

2nd opus: You will discover why Elsa was born with powers and also the origins of our two favourite sisters. Accompanied by their loyal companions (Kristoff, Sven and Olaf), they will set out to discover their past and that of Arendelle. Once again, the script writers have surprised us with an unexpected script and, above all, some great jokes. So we salute the humour of this part but also the graphics which are incredible. Far from being just lightness, this film will take you by the guts, so don’t forget the kleenex ! 

  • Beauty and the Beast 2 :

In itself, all Disney animated films are suitable for viewing during this Advent period, but this animated movie is particularly relevant ! First of all its title is “An Enchanted Christmas”. In this film, the story takes place when Belle is the captive of the beast, but the atmosphere is at its best in between. They enjoy their little life in the castle, read stories to each other by the fireplace, have snowball fights, winter balls, in short it is the beauty (and the beast) of life. 

This was of course without relying on Forté, the former orchestra master of the Beast Prince, who was kept in the form of an organ. Manipulations and a Machiavellian plan to separate our two protagonists and spoil Christmas are on the programme of our devil’s instrument. Great songs and a very successful second part, which is an exploit for Disney, because at the time they were a bit of a mess.

  • Barbie and The Nutcracker : 

Animated film that I consider not well enough known for its quality ! Meet Clara, a young girl from a good family, who receives a wooden nutcracker on Christmas Eve from her aunt. When night comes, the wooden toy comes to life and is attacked by the villain in the film: the king of rats. Clara, awakened by all this noise, will get into trouble and begins a fabulous adventure. Accompanied by her nutcracker, she goes in search of the sugar plum fairy, the only person who can beat the king of rats. 

A perfect film for children, a scenario that holds together, beautiful graphics with magnificent outfits for Clara, and above all a soundtrack inspired by Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece “The Nutcracker”.

  • Harry Potter : 

Well I think you already know a little bit about Harry’s story and a synopsis is almost useless but you never know, maybe you were in a cave for the past 20 years. 

It is the story of a young boy whose parents were murdered by the greatest black wizard of their time. 10 years later, the young boy, raised with his uncle and aunt, discovers that he is a wizard and also discovers the whole world of magic.

During the 8 films, follow the adventures of Harry and Voldemort, his mortal enemy ! 

Iconic saga written by J.K Rowling, the films are like the books, unforgettable. They cradled the childhood of a whole generation, and are one of the must-have seen/read of a lifetime. 

  • The Polar Express : 

This is the story of a little boy who continues to believe in the existence of Father Christmas, in the magic of Christmas, despite the mockery of his classmates. On Christmas Eve, he is awake in the middle of the night (children are definitely not allowed to sleep). A mysterious train appears to him. On board, he meets other children who, like him, still believe in the magic of Christmas. Many adventures await them before they can meet the legendary bearded man. 

An animated film, which takes us all back to childhood, reminds us all of the important things and reminds us of that joy, when we went to bed thinking that a man was going to pass through the chimney. 

I think we’ve come up with a lot of Christmas movies to watch this Advent season. I don’t know about you, but I have a good mind to be already in the evening or at the weekend to be able to watch one of the mentioned films ! Prepare the infusions, granny Hello Duclos takes care of the plaids and let’s go for happiness !

We’ll see you soon for the next article! In the meantime, if you miss my pen too much (what a dream), you can take a ride on Toulouse Trip, and read the other articles !

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