A weekend in Toulouse: Things to do absolutely!

Visiting the Pink City? Well, you’re in luck! But like any tourist it’s difficult to make a choice among all that there is to do in the Occitan capital! Don’t worry anymore! We’re here to direct you to the must-do activities

> Friday evening:

Let’s imagine that you arrive on Friday evening, this will allow you to enjoy the pink city for a longer period of time! What a pleasure!
So you’ve arrived in our beautiful city! The evening of an arrival is never easy: the journey may be long, your week was maybe harsh, who knows? Anyway, Toulouse is under curfew, so it is impossible to have a party all night long, at 9pm everybody has to be at home kids! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a good meal, and for that we recommend you to go to the grocery shop of the Samaran house.

➡︎ Our evening meal suggestion is : with the cold weather coming on, we recommend a good garbure (soup), and as a main course, the famous Toulouse’s sausage with its cooked lentils. A real treat! To accompany this, don’t hesitate to visit their wine and spirits area. You will find what you are looking for!

> Saturday : 

Get up, sleepyheads! Today, a big day awaits you! You’re going into space! But before that, make a little stop at the Victor Hugo market in the centre of town, to prepare your evening feast! Direction the Garcia delicatessen shop, to stock up on cold meats and the Betty dairy to buy some high quality cheese! After this “shopping” moment is necessary for everyone when you go on holiday, you can leave for the “Cité de l’espace”, to discover the sky, its mysteries and its little conquests! So, head for the  “Cité de l’espace”, discover the sky, its mysteries and its little conquest!  Discover the Ariane rocket, the Soyuz capsule, the robot perseverance, and travel thanks to the immersion films shown in the theatres. Between exhibitions and games, live an unforgettable experience, fun and above all so enriching! Because, in the Cité de l’Espace, you have fun and at the end of the day, you realise everything you’ve learned! Far from being a tourist attraction, all the inhabitants of Toulouse will tell you, it is a great memory for them, and “you made them want to go back, they will soon return, teh!” 

After a day of exploring the universe in length and breadth, we recommend a little walk in the city, including a small coffee or a small chocolate! Toulouse is built around small squares with lots of cafés, so, you can either sit down at the inevitable Place du Capitole, lined with cafés, to admire one of the symbolic buildings of the city, or get lost in the narrow streets and settle down where you feel like it. 

> A little tip from the editors: if you are a chocolate lover, don’t hesitate to go to the Flower’s café, place Roger Salengro. 
Speciality of the house
: hot chocolates with cream (choice of thick or liquid). 

If you were reasonable (if you didn’t go to Flower’s) then you have plenty of room for dinner! The ingredients mentioned above must have made you think about it, so why not launch the fondue’s season during your little stay in Toulouse? You don’t need a special machine, you can use a simple casserole, it will be perfect for this king’s feast! Are you tired after a good meal? Nothing could be more normal, you’ve had a busy day! Come on, have sweet dreams!

> Sunday: 

After a well-deserved sleep (we said small, standing up at 10 am max!) and a shower, leave for the city for a small visit of its main monuments! And what better way to do this than with an audio-guided bus tour of the city? Meet at 23 alley Jean Jaurès, at Toulouse Welcome, to pick up your tickets! Take advantage of the cultural walk which lasts 1h15, and especially enjoy the view from the convertible bus! So get ready to draw your cameras! Instagrammable landscapes in sight!

After a good meal we advise you to leave in the direction of the Saint-Sernin basilica that you saw from the CityTour in the morning. No need for a guide, thanks to their website “Follow the guide” download your explanatory manual of the basilica and make your own commented visit (click here for the English version of the history of Saint Sernin and here for that of Saint Saturnin). 

To continue this beautiful afternoon, what better than to stroll through the narrow streets of the pink city. Let yourself be carried away and discover lots of anecdotes about the architecture of Toulouse in the article “10 FUN FACT ABOUT TOULOUSE“. 

And to end this beautiful day, escape to the Japanese garden at the Compans Caffarelli metro stop (definitely this guided tour is really exhaustive!). It offers a real getaway in Japan, between meditation and wonder! 

That’s how our great weekend in Toulouse ends, it’s time to go home, friends. Everyone is waiting for you to return to Paris, Tours, Nantes, Grenoble, Lyon, why not even Bordeaux, so that you can tell them about your Occitan escapade! 
See you in a few days for a new article full of discoveries! 

A Diu Siatz as we said here!

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