We keep repeating it, but Toulouse is a city of delicacies. The smells of food float in the air, and what’s better than a small restaurant for lunch to make a well-deserved break? So get set and go! 

> “Le Kiosque”: you will find two addresses in Toulouse for this brand. But the question is above all, what do you eat there? Typical Vietnamese street food, traditional or revisited! With prices defying any competition for large portions! Want to escape? Then go there for a trip to Saigon for a meal. 

Capture d’écran 2020-08-18 à 12.50.36
© Le Kiosque

> La Cantine du Bistroquet: Known for working only with fresh local products and adapting their menu according to the seasons, La Cantine du Bistroquet is above well-known for delighting your taste buds. With an extensive menu, it offers dishes from the French bistronomy for lunch. With Someone ? You can also choose from the list of dishes to share inspired by Spanish portions. 

Capture d’écran 2020-08-18 à 12.53.36
© La Cantine du Bistroquet

> Le Flore: Located on the new Toulouse Ramblas, Le Flore offers on its menu originals and delicious dishes inspired by French recipes. With a warm welcome, attentive staff and a menu that varies every day, it is a must in our famous alleys. 

Capture d’écran 2020-08-18 à 13.01.14
© Le Flore

Chéri Chéri: Halfway between Italy and New York, it’s at the new restaurant of the Théâtre de la cité that you will discover this hybrid place. It’s a real heartbreaker to choose between traditional Italian dishes and the streetfood of the Big Apple. However, the outcome remains the same: a taste of coming back!

Capture d’écran 2020-08-18 à 13.29.19
© Le Chéri Chéri


> Poke Lab: How can we not honour this star of healthy fast food? The Poke Lab offers an experiment with an air of a chemistry laboratory. Sauce in pipettes and inspired containers will accompany you in your tasting of this speciality coming straight from Hawaii.

Capture d’écran 2020-08-18 à 13.34.18
© Poke Lab

Chuchu: Expatriated far from his native beaches and fairgrounds, the chouchou is getting a makeover in our pink city, to our great pleasure! Sweet AND savoury recipes are proposed, it is at Chuchu that you will be able to come and taste these marvels of originality which will deliciously bring you back into your childhood. Moreover, the dough is made with ingredients from organic farming, so what are you waiting for?

Capture d’écran 2020-08-18 à 13.36.55
© Chuchu

> Canaille Club: It is in an atmosphere of “guinguette” with garlands in the sky that the Canaille Club welcomes you. With a simple but so well-made French cuisine program, here you come to just enjoy! With various kiosks with different themes, there is food for all tastes. Perfect for a moment of sharing! 

Capture d’écran 2020-08-18 à 13.38.50
© Canaille Club

L’Annexe de Braisière: It is in an ultra-design and refined decor that you can come and taste tapas and seafood, in the heart of the carmes district. You will find on their menu hot and cold assortments, but also dishes a little more cooked with a plancha. The watchword is: savour

Capture d’écran 2020-08-18 à 13.40.13
© Yelp


Le Zen-Saï : You will find in this restaurant called “food – fusion“, a work on Japanese cuisine and recipes often forgotten on Japanese menus. With a revisit of traditional dishes such as sushi, they are the proof that the fusion of European and Asian cultures only leads to one path: the nirvana of the taste buds! 

Capture d’écran 2020-08-18 à 13.43.05
© Zen Saï

> The Nomad:On the cooking side, the Nomad is in association with “Le Kiosque” that we mentioned at the beginning of the article, so Vietnamese streetfood is also in the spotlight! But why talk about it here? Timply to mentionned the atypical setting of this restaurant.  Sand, tipis, drapes and furnitures made of wood and straw are waiting for you for an excursion in a desert in the heart of l’Union. 

Capture d’écran 2020-08-18 à 13.45.01
© Le Nomad

Our little list of restaurants is getting to end and don’t lie to us, your belly is gurgling! No one is judging you, it’s time to eat somewhere in the world! So, see you soon with a full belly this time! Discover these Toulouse’s restaurants thanks to our partner CityTour and its several stops in the “Ville Rose”.

See you soon, on a full stomach this time!

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