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« Ô mon pays, Ô Toulouse, Ô Toulouuuuuuse » if you’ve read it while singing, it is that the love of the Pink City runs in your veins. This song isn’t a melody, it’s an anthem. So, to you Toulousain by heart or by birth, if you recognize yourself in this article, it’s because you are one of the pillars of the city. 

> You know the subway stations even in Occitan, and that’s fancy :  « Patte d’oie = Pè d’auca”  

> When we talk to you about « Mamie », you know that we’re not talking about your grandmother, but about the emblematic manager of the bars on Place St Pierre, who has been catering to the fiesta desires of the people of Toulouse for generations.>

> You own, at least, one item from the Toulouse stadium, because rugby at home isn’t a subject for jokes! Red and black or NOTHING!

> In general, you consider Bordeaux’s people to be (even though you know some nice ones, but you shouldn’t say so). 

> Your ears bled after hearing a northerner say “pain au chocolat” instead of “chocolatine”, and you’re right! 

> In general, everything that a northerner can say will make your ear bled because you don’t pronounce words in the same way. But if there is something for sure, it’s that your pronunciation will be the good one. 

> You are a fervent radio listener, it’s sure that with an average time in traffic jams that is the highest in France (more than Paris, yes, ladies and gentlemen), you must know how to spend time on the periphery in the morning or evening. 

> You have already been to the Pas de la Case at least once, because it’s just next door just (just 1h30 drive). It would be a shame not to take advantage of it !

> You always have a cousin, a friend, a relative who works at Airbus! There’s even a theorem about it, Toulouse = Airbus, it’s mathematics, sorry. 

> The first thing you did at the end of the confinement, it’s have a drink with family and friends! Because a person from Toulouse is above all, a person that enjoys all the good things! 

Whether you are a local or a tourist, being from Toulouse means that you know how to enjoy life!


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