Know before coming to Toulouse!


Want to discover the Pink City ? We give you some tips for a successful stay !

How to get around?

Toulouse is fortunate to be very well served by public transport. Bus, Tram, metro,… there is something for everyone!

Tisséo brings you to the heart of the city!

  • Metro: 2 metro lines currently serving the city, line A and line B. It will be very easy for you to get around the center, the metro passing through all the main points.

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  • Bus: Bus lines are numerous and allow you to reach the outskirts of Toulouse. Also present in the city center, it is still easier to get around by metro or on foot and prefer the bus for longer journeys.

Find your route here!

  • Tram : 2 Tram lines, la T1 (Palais de justice – aéroconstellation), la T2 (Palais de justice – aéroport). Infos !

Prices :

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You can also download the Pass Easy app, which allows you to buy your tickets directly from your phone!

The Tourism Pass : With the Tourism Pass, you get great deals for your stay in Toulouse. Visits, culture and transport – live Toulouse in unlimited!

  • Public transport included
  • Free museums and monuments
  • Many activities at reduced prices
  • A guided tour of your choice from the tourist office program

This pass is available at the Toulouse tourist office or at Tisséo agencies

Information here!

Where to stay ?

In Toulouse you will have no problem finding accommodation! From hotels to youth hostels, including guesthouses, there is something for everyone and all budgets!

  • Completely atypical, the Mama Shelter, immerses you in an offbeat and surprising atmosphere!


  • The Albert 1er, located in the heart of the city, will make you spend a timeless stay. His motto, “Real luxury is enjoying time!”
  • Enjoy overnight stays in one of the 12 themed rooms, between contemporary and modern art, at the Hôtel des Arts, a magnificent hotel near Place du Capitole.

Discover them all!

More trendy apartments? Visit the Rent Home website! Splendid apartments in the heart of the pink city await you!

Small budgets?

Where to eat ?

  • Chez Emile, one of the most beautiful jewels of Toulouse gastronomy! Come and taste one of the best cassoulet in town!
  • A little unusual? How about a meal on the Canal du Midi? Then embark on the Occitanie, the famous barge-restaurant!
  • Take the height and come brunch, lunch or have a drink perched at Ma Biche sur le toit, with a breathtaking view of the red roofs of Toulouse!

More good addresses here!

Where to go out?

To go out, Toulouse is not to be outdone!

  • Meet at Chez Tonton, place St Pierre. Emblem of the city for more than 40 years, this bar with its yellow walls would have stories to tell!
  • A bit of Ireland! Direction The George and Dragon for a stopover overseas!
  • We are moving to the sun this time, at Borriquito it’s caliente! Barcelona atmosphere from the plate to the decor! At 11 p.m. we push the tables and we go into bodega mode

Always more here!

Our essentials in Toulouse!

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