Don’t miss the next exhibitions in Toulouse !


woman-1283009__340The pink city is full of cultural places where many exhibitions come and go.


Next one to discover : 


  •  Rose Béton ( From the 27th of september to the 5th of january 2019) : The biennale of contemporary and urban art, Rose Béton returns and invests the walls of the museum of Abattoirs, flagship place of contemporary art in Toulouse. This exhibition has become an unmissable event for street art, bringing together many national and international artists. This year, 3 international artists come together to share their vision of art and the world.




  • Extinctions, la fin d’un monde ? (From the 9th of october to the 28th of june 2019) : At a time when species are dying one after the other, the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services sounds an alarm at the seriousness of the situation. For the first time in France, the public will be able to discover an exhibition, designed by the Natural History Museum of London at the Museum of Toulouse, which gives food for thought on the extinction of the living, through a fun route. Through this exhibition, the Museum hopes to raise awareness about our impact on species.




  • OKA Amazonie – Une forêt habitée (23th of april 2019) : The Amazon grabs the Museum of Natural History of Toulouse. As part of the International Year of Indigenous Languages ​​proclaimed by UNESCO in 2019, the exhibition Oka Amazonia, brings the public to question the future of indigenous cultures. Dive into this green Eden to meet our neighbors Amerindian Brazil and French Guiana.



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