The discreet Carmelite chapel

Welcome to the Chapel des Carmélites of Toulouse!

Located in the city center, this Chapel that you want to compare to a real Sistine Chapel is worth a visit. The history of this monument dates back to July 1, 1622, when King Louis XIII and his wife Anne of Austria laid the very first stone together.

The king was to finance this Chapel but he did not keep a promise, so it was thanks to the president of the investigations of the parliament of Toulouse, whose five daughters were Carmelite that the construction could continue.


Today, this little-known place in Toulouse is home to the Study and Heritage Library.

Enter this small Sistine Chapel and discover its splendid decor with its magnificent painted ceilings at the end of the 17th century. The Carmelite Chapel is the only part to have resisted the French Revolution.

Free admission.

For more information it’s here!

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