St Etienne Cathedral

Do you remember Saturnin, the first bishop of Tolosa who gave his name to the Basilica of St. Sernin ? It may also have played a role in the history of St. Etienne’s Cathedral….

You will tell me how this is done and why? We’ll find out together!

Go to“Ville Rose” historic center in the old Toulouse (close by the wonderful private mansions, and the very old houses (some dating back to the Middle Ages) to visit the magnificent cathedral which combines 2 styles half Gothic style and half Romanesque style for the oldest part. It was built on the foundations of a chapel built by Saint Saturnin in the 3rd century.

It is a typical church that will take you from the 11th century to the 20th century through its originality.
To visit this cathedral will be an extension of your visit to the basilica and convent, so you can add the cathedral to your list of sites to visit!

Saint-Etienne’s Cathedral of Toulouse is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in the historic centre of Toulouse. It has also given its name to the area around it. The cathedral adjoins the former episcopal palace, which today is occupied by the prefecture.

In terms of history,

The first traces date back to 1071, when Bishop Isarn decided to rebuild the building, which was then in ruins.

You will see that this particular architecture is composed of elements from different periods. Indeed, it has two naves of unequal dimensions, one Romanesque and the other Gothic.

In addition, it has :

Beautiful stalls
A huge organ suspended very high against a wall that will surely surprise you
Beautiful stained glass windows
A magnificent rose window on the Gothic facade,
But don’t worry, the visit is free!

Easy access by the François Verdier or Esquirol metro to this exceptional place.

The visit of this cathedral becomes a moment of culture for the enthusiasts, a moment of contemplation for the believers, and a moment of serenity and peace for all.

Since we are in the middle of the holiday season, know that the Nativity Scene is splendid!

By the way :

Pierre Paul Riquet, the architect of the Canal du Midi, is buried there.

As you may have guessed, this cathedral is very special, thanks to its many remodelling and architectural changes that will make you take time to appreciate this building.

If the interior deserves a lot of attention and admiration, the exterior is also worth it!

In the middle of the Ville Rose, this Cathedral is only built with white stone!

Enjoy your visit !

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