Man, nature & environment

Located in the Jardin des Plantes of Toulouse, near the Palais de Justice and the Grand Rond, the Toulouse Museum is a museum of natural history and ethnology. As the keeper of one of the most important collections in France, the museum presents more than two million collection items over an area of approximately 6,000m2. It is the second largest museum in France after the National Museum of Natural History of Paris.

The Toulouse Museum presents 5 subjects : the planet Earth, living beings, the notion of time, man and the future in order to better understand the progress of our knowledge.
Thanks to modern and interactive spaces, scientific laboratories and a botanical garden, you can discover our history throughout a museum tour.

Immerse yourself in our incredible history world, with professionals who can answer all your questions. Throughout the year, hundreds of activities are programmed to allow you to find out the long journey of human being in his environment, in the nature that saw him born and that he has shaped over the millennia. You should also know that the Museum can adapt itself to your needs and desires presenting to you an appropriate itinerary in order to best enjoy your visit.

As soon as you arrive you will be welcomed by Punch the elephant and Twiga the giraffe, to impress the older ones and to entertain the youngest.

To visit :

EASTER ISLAND : Exploration of a fascinating and distant territory, the Polynesia one in general and the Easter Island in particular.
LES AS DE LA JUNGLE: This animation series is adapted in the form of a 7-12 year old exhibition.
Remember to visit the Gardens of the Museum in Borderouge and participate in workshops to observe, learn, experiment and exchange with scientists, chefs and botanists. Open until 31 October for individuals and all year round for groups of more than 10 people.

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